Autelrobotics EVO Nano Plus DroneAutelrobotics EVO Nano Plus Drone
Autel EVO Lite Plus 6k Camera DroneAutel EVO Lite Plus 6k Camera Drone

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Autelrobotics R&D and Patent Statement

The three major R&D and production bases have invested more than 150 million US dollars, applied for 2,060 patents, and passed the CE certification and UL certification of drones.

Autelrobotics drone ships worldwide and is critically acclaimed

Ships from overseas warehouses in China, the US, the United Kingdom, Europe and Germany, with annual sales exceeding 600 million, with more than 50,000 5-star reviews worldwide.

Autelrobotics two product lines, consumer drones and enterprise drones

The best drones without geofencing, consumer drones and enterprise drones for personal and business use, industry leaders in videography, mapping, thermal imaging, and more.

Media Endorsements

It's the first non-DJI camera drone to win a full five-star accolade. This sensational mini drone is coming for DJI's crown.

t3 recommend autel drone

Autel Robotics is expanding its camera drone line to better match up against market leader DJI. The four new Evo Nano and Lite models on show at CES were first teased last year and should drive some competition to keep rival DJI on its toes.

pcmag recommend autel evo drone

Falling under 250g, it escapes many of the larger drone regulations around the world. It flies great and offers some impressive wind resistance performance.

photography recommend autelrobotics drone

With a significantly longer flight time than its DJI rivals and a camera with an adjustable aperture, this is an enticing option for those who find the Mavic 3 too expensive to consider.

techradar recommend autel drone

This machine is so significant because – while we’ve seen others chip at DJI’s undoubted “big boy” status – this is the first time in a while a drone has stepped out and appeared to claim market leader status in its category.

digital camera world recommend autel robotics evo drone

They have all taken on one of the biggest challenges in the global design world. They have all convinced a great number of international design experts. And finally, they have all won in one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide!

autel drone wins 2022 German if design award

Our jury was especially impressed by the products that won a Red Dot: Best of the Best. This distinction is synonymous with ground-breaking design par excellence. Only a very small percentage of competition winners were awarded this special title, because a product needs to have a certain something in order to win this top award. The fact that you have received a distinction is proof that you have created brilliant design!

autelrobotics drone wins 2022 Berlin Reddot Design Award

The Autel Robotics Evo Lite Plus is a compelling drone. We are happy to say that it is a viable alternative to the DJI Mavic series, if you were looking to try something else.

Androld authority Recommend autel evo lite plus drone

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The Autelrobotic evo series of drones entered the US market quickly and successfully established a reputation. Consumer drones such as Autel EVO Nano, Autel EVO Lite, EVO II Pro. Enterprise drones Autel EVO II Enterprise, EVO II Dual 640T, EVO RTK.A complete line of original drone accessories, with alternate options for every drone., the best luxury drone store for outstanding imaging, stability and safety!

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