2022 Berlin iF Design Award Winner - Autel Robotics

2022 Berlin iF Design Award Winner - Autel Robotics

Two Autel drones: EVO Lite and EVO Nano+ Receive iF Design Award Honors

Autel Robotics wins iF Design Award Berlin 2022

Washington, USA, 20 April 2022 - Drone manufacturer Autel Robotics has been named a winner of the 2022 iF Design Awards.

A total of 10,776 entries were submitted from 57 countries/regions in the 2022 iF Design Awards, a record number of entries. In the end, 75 international design experts from 24 countries/regions used the iF digital jury tool to jointly evaluate the works in Berlin, Germany. Recognition, with high scores in all categories, has been awarded this Excellence Medal by the iF Design Awards 2022.

The iF Design Award was founded in 1953 and is held annually by the iF Industrie Forum Design, the oldest industrial design organization in Germany. Awarded only to exceptional products and ideas that have been evaluated by expert judges on the quality of function, impact, form, etc.

The iF Design Award is world-famous for its "independent, rigorous and reliable" award concept, which aims to enhance the public's awareness of design and has become a quality mark of excellent design. The German iF Design Award is one of the three most authoritative design awards in the world. Together with the German Red Dot Award and the American IDEA Award, it is known as the world's three major design awards. It is known as the "Oscar Award in the design industry".

Advantages of EVO Nano+

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Drone Award Berlin 2022

Autel EVO Nano+ is Autel's first mini selfie drone. It only weighs 249g. The body is thin and dexterous. It adopts a foldable design and is the size of a palm. It can be easily carried in a waist bag or even stuffed into a pocket. The Autel EVO Nano+ drone starts from the appearance, structural design and material molding, each component is carefully selected, and the size, structure, weight, material and technology of the aircraft are strictly controlled.

EVO Nano+ is Daotong Smart's first mini selfie drone. With the RYYB color filter array, it can still present clear aerial images in low light environments.

The EVO Nano+ has a 28-minute battery life and four color options: Danxia Orange, Glacier White, Red Flame Red, and Deep Space Gray, making it a favorite choice for entry-level aerial photography enthusiasts.

In image processing, on the basis of industry-leading hardware with 1/1.28-inch CMOS and F1.9 large aperture, supplemented by RYYB color filter array, the light input during actual shooting is significantly increased by 40%, even at night. Clear and excellent aerial image quality. EVO Nano+ has successfully set a new benchmark for night scene imaging of consumer-grade mini drones.

With the Autel Sky App, it supports video mode, template creation, time-lapse photography, WiFi fast transfer and other functions, enabling EVO Nano+ to provide users with a more friendly interaction and a more concise and easy-to-understand operation method, which simplifies the needs of aerial photographers in the past. A series of complicated and cumbersome controls, you can easily take large scenery pictures with just a touch of your finger, which is very friendly to the novice of aerial photography.

The EVO Lite's Secret to a Winner

Autel Robotics EVO Lite Award Berlin 2022

Autel's EVO Lite brings new perspectives and new possibilities to the consumer drone market. EVO Lite is the world's first drone with a four-axis gimbal design. It supports horizontal and vertical aerial photography switching, and can obtain 4K 60-frame lossless vertical video without cropping. Users can shoot more vertical videos, which is convenient for moving Edit and share on your device.

EVO Lite is equipped with a 50-megapixel super-sensing camera, equipped with a 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor, which also uses RYYB color filter design, and uses PDAF+CDAF ultra-fast hybrid focusing, so that the image quality of EVO Lite is far superior to similar products. Focusing on the tracking object, even in a poorly lit environment, the night scene aerial photos are still realistic and detailed.

At the same time, it integrates Autel's new generation of Autel SkyLink image transmission technology, the image transmission resolution within 1Km can reach 2.7K, and at the same time, it can support up to 12Km image transmission distance, the signal transmission is more stable, and the picture quality is smoother. The front, rear and bottom of the fuselage are equipped with wide-angle vision sensors, the front-view binocular perception range can reach 150°, and the wider obstacle avoidance perception range gives the drone a stable and safe flight guarantee.

The superb industrial design ability can lay a good foundation for the organic combination of the three elements of product shape, structure and function, and it is also an excellent form of expression to show the harmony and balance of human and machine.

For the drone products EVO Lite and EVO Nano+ that have won the iF Design Award, this is the recognition and praise of Daotong Intelligent's efforts to move forward to the international leading level. In the future, Daotong Intelligence will continue to face the market with cutting-edge technology, excellent and easy-to-use products and sincere services, so that the national brand will stand in the world's industrial design forest and create real and lasting value for users.

The drone products that have successively won the Red Dot Best Design Award and the iF Design Award are undoubtedly the recognition and praise of Autel Robotics' striving towards the international leading level. In the future, Autel Robotics will continue to use cutting-edge technology, excellent and easy-to-use products and sincere services to face the market, making Chinese national brands stand among the world's industrial design forests and creating real and lasting value for users.