Autel Drones Geofences and No-fly Zone

Autel Drones Are Constantly Updating Geofencing Restrictions

Most high-end drones (is not toy drones) have geofencing built in. And "no geofencing restrictions" is often the selling point of Autel drones. Geofencing restrictions are no-fly zones for drone flights to prevent drones from entering certain areas.

Does Autel Have Geofencing?

Many countries and regions have their own no-fly zones, which are programmed by drone manufacturers so that drones cannot fly. Autel drones are now equipped with geofencing capabilities in the US, Japan, Australia and Greater China. But that doesn't necessarily mean that these functions will be enforced.

Can Autel Drones Apply For A No-fly Zone Lift?

Autel drones provide aerial exploration solutions while also complying with national laws. If the drone user has the need to fly the drone in the no-fly zone, first, they should apply to the relevant department for approval, and then apply to Autel Robotics, and the application will be approved within 48 hours to complete the no-fly zone. Lift the ban.

Scenarios For Drone Geofencing Restrictions

High-flying drones always present concerns about monitoring privacy and airspace security. As a result, the FAA is always updating geofenced restricted areas, including government buildings, private residences, prisons, airports, nuclear power plants, military bases, or other obvious no-fly zones.

What Happens If You Fly A Drone In A No-fly Zone?

Autel drones, despite geo-fencing restrictions, are still in the hands of the drone pilot. Normally, in a no-fly zone, the Autel Drone will not take off in the area and will also stop flying before entering the area.

If you don't have a GPS signal and happen to be in restricted airspace and you start the drone, the drone will still take off. However, when it receives a GPS signal and realizes it's flying in restricted airspace, the drone automatically lands and won't fly until you leave the area.

In addition to Japan, Australia and China, the drones produced by Autel Robotics have no-fly zones. When flying Autel drones in other countries, Autel Robotics sends an alert in the drone app to remind the The pilot of the human and machine is about to enter the no-fly zone and its vicinity.

What Is The Drone's Geofencing Based On?

The drone's geofencing restrictions are based on your drone's GPS location, not your mobile device location. Unless your country requires us to restrict you to a no-fly zone, you will only see the notice in your local airspace. You will not be restricted from taking off.

Autel drones do not have active geofencing, but every pilot should be responsible and abide by all air laws.

Autel Geofence Restriction is a drone pilot-friendly flight setting that helps avoid risks and gain more control. With the continuous strengthening of airspace control, the FAA is also gradually adjusting the location area of ​​the geofence, and Autel Robotics' drone firmware update will continue to introduce mandatory no-fly zone databases to improve airspace safety.