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Autel Drones is the top drone service provider in the United States, providing consumer drones and business drones to a wide range of pilots. drones with advanced performance can meet the mission requirements of flight, photography, and enterprise services, inject new vitality into the drone market, and compete with the drone industry giant DJI drone.

Autel Drone Product Line

Autel Drones

Autel Consumer Drones: Autel EVO Nano Series, Autel EVO Lite Series, Autel EVO II Pro

Autel Enterprise Drones: Autel EVO II Dual 640t, Autel EVO II RTK Series, Autel EVO II Enterprise Series,Dragonfish Series

Buying Autel drones is worth the investment for drone beginners or aerial photographers. Autel drones formulate different drone product lines according to different consumer needs. Autel consumer drones EVO Nano and EVO Lite series are lightweight and portable, powerful in photography and videography, powerful in aircraft performance, and have won many national design awards, successfully attracting a large number of loyal fans.

As a high-tech electronic product, drones are built with a variety of sophisticated electronic components and sensor equipment, and are products that require careful care. It's a sad thing for a drone to be damaged. The Autel Robotics Service Center will take care of you.

Drone failures are prone to a variety of situations, including disconnection, inability to take off, inability to take pictures, etc., which may be difficult for drone beginners to solve. Autelrobotic always provides loyal service, you can contact us at any time, we will help every customer to solve the problem.

Looking for a drone repair location near you? Autel drone service recommends that you contact the online customer service first to communicate the situation, we will arrange the address of the repair point so that you can send it back for repair by yourself.

Autel Drone Fixes Related Issues

How Can I Tell If My Drone Needs Repair?

If you find any abnormality in the drone, please contact our online customer service for consultation as soon as possible. After the operation is not resolved, the customer service will apply to Autel drone for repair, and everything will start according to the normal process.

Can I Repair The Drone Myself?

Yes, but only if you have the right tools, skills and years of experience. You need to judge the possible cause of the drone failure by yourself before repairing the drone. The internal parts of drones are delicate and small, and repairing drones can be a challenge. We prefer to seek professional help and guidance with you.

Where To Apply For Drone Repairs?

If you determine that your drone needs repair service, please contact us instead of sending it back to the address on the website yourself. The Autel Drone Official Repair Shop will not be able to receive damaged drones from this address for repair.

Is The Drone Repair Point In The US?

Yes, there are official repair locations for Autel drones in the US, Autel drone repairs are near me, and the drones will arrive again within a week.

Should I Choose To Repair The Drone Or Buy A New One?

A large number of avid drone enthusiasts may be very electronics-conscious, and they are reluctant to accept damaged drones. Autel drones will evaluate the drivability of the quadcopter, respect the customer's wishes, and provide repair or replacement services. Under normal circumstances, we will give additional discounts for new services to reduce your unnecessary pointing out.

Autel Robotics proposes the Autel Drone Care service, which can be replaced by a new one for free within one year, which is friendly to drone customers and helps to recover losses after a drone crash.

What Should I Offer For Drone Repairs?

In most cases, we need to use the flight log to determine the possible cause of the drone failure. Therefore, you will need to upload your flight log, along with the drone serial number to give us further access to your drone.