How To Reviews Consumer Drones And Enterprise Drones Of Autelrobotics

How To Reviews Consumer Drones And Enterprise Drones Of Autelrobotics

As a professional American drone manufacturing company, Autelrobotics has been deeply involved in the drone industry for many years. Autel consumer drones and Autel enterprise drones are Autelrobotics' most popular drone series, and the Dragonfish series has also been developed, bringing AutelRobotics to the international drone scene.

Consumer drones are mostly used by aerial photography enthusiasts, and the growing popularity of aerial photography is driving the consumer drone market. The unique aerial view of the picture has influenced consumers or amateur photographers to buy drones, in addition, there are some professionals who buy drones for aerial photography, they are real drone aerial photographers.

Who Is The Best Consumer Drone In Autelrobotic Store?

Autel Robotics EVO Consumer Drone
Autelrobotic store classifies EVO Nano, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite, EVO Lite+, EVO II Pro as consumer drones, the best consumer drone on the market should consider the drone's camera performance, flight performance, image transmission system and some Additional advanced features such as obstacle avoidance, intelligent flight mode, subject tracking, etc.

A low-budget high-quality consumer drone should cost around $500-$1000, while a photography consumer drone with a decent budget should cost around $1500-$2000. Consumer drones are not a small investment, choosing the right drone.

The Evolution Of The Drone Market - From Hobby To Enterprise

Enterprise drones are no longer solely focused on photography and videography, enterprise drones are more deeply embedded in five main areas: agriculture, construction and mining, insurance, media and telecommunications, and law enforcement. Commercial drones have the most potential in the broader drone market.

The enterprise drones in the Autelrobotic store are Autel EVO II Dual 640t, Autel EVO II RTK Series, Autel EVO II Enterprise Series, Autel Dragonfish Series. The powerful enterprise level drone will assist professionals to perform tasks in various scenarios.

The Tasks That Enterprise Drones Can Perform Are:

Home Inspection

Autel Robotics EVO ii drone home inspection

Industrial Enforcement

Autel ii enterprise drone Industrial Enforcement

Forest Fire Prevention

Autel ii enterprise drone Industrial Enforcement

Thermal Check

Autel ii enterprise drone Industrial Enforcement


Autel enterprise drone Industrial Enforcement

Personnel Search and Rescue

EVO ii enterprise drone Industrial Enforcement

Centimeter-level Positioning

rtk drone Centimeter-level Positioning

Autelrobotics' consumer drones, the EVO Nano and EVO Lite series, will be the strongest competitors of the DJI Mini and DJI Mavic series, and the powerful enterprise advanced drone that can fly with high specifications and payloads is also an important reason for Autelrobotics' reputation.