Autel EVO II Pro VS DJI Mavic 3

Autel EVO II Pro vs DJI Mavic 3: Which Is Better?

Professional camera drones are more popular. Autel EVO II Pro and DJI Mavic 3 are the best among camera drones. Consumer drones often pay more attention to camera performance. Autel drones have consumer drones. The two production lines of drones and enterprise drones directly benchmark the DJI brand.

The number of enterprise drones is increasing day by day, more and more drone manufacturers are focusing on the competition of commercial drones, the growth of consumer drones is gradually slowing down, and enterprise drones are beginning to penetrate into various industries, such as firefighting , inspection, agriculture, energy, surveying and mapping, etc., to replace some complex and dangerous work.

Autel Evo II Pro and DJI Mavic 3 are the leaders in the camera drones, they can shoot 4k or 6k video, good flight performance, excellent camera drones, let's compare Autel Evo II Pro and DJI Great performance from the Mavic 3.

Autel Evo II Pro vs DJI Mavic 3 Specifications


autel evo ii pro

Autel EVO II Pro

DJI Mavic 3

DJI Mavic 3

style Folding drone Folding drone
Flight time 40 min 46 min
Range 5.5miles 9.3 miles
Speed No Wind: 45mph
Wind: 39mph
No Wind: 47mph
Wind: 26.8mph
Camera Sony IMX586 1/2” CMOS Sony IMX577 4/3” CMOS
Pixels 48MP 20MP+12MP
Resolution 5472 x 3076
3840 x 2160
2720 x 1528
5120 * 2700
4096 * 2160
Zoom 1-8x (Max 4x lossless) 1-4x (Max 2x lossless)
Bitrate 120Mbps 150 Mbps
Format Video: MP4 / MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265)
Photo: JPEG, DNG (RAW)
video: MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265)
photo: JPEG, DNG (RAW)
Obstacle Avoidance Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance with 12 visual sensors, front, rear, left, right, top, and bottom Omnidirectional

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Design | EVO II Pro vs Mavic 3

Autel Evo II Pro

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6k Camera drone SpecsAutel EVO II Pro Drone

Autel Evo II Pro is a foldable 6k camera drone among Autel EVO drones, the leading drone model of the EVO II series of drones. It's smaller than the Mavic 3 when folded, and the Autel Evo II Pro weighs 1191g and comes in richer colors.

DJI Mavic 3

dji mavic enterprise droneDJI Mavic 3 Drone

The DJI Mavic 3 is a powerful drone. The DJI Mavic 3 sells for over $2,000 and is an upgraded version of the Mavic 2. With a grey body that folds for portability, the Mavic 3 doubles the performance of its predecessor compared to the Mavic 2.

Camera | EVO II Pro vs Mavic 3


Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6k Camera drone ruggle bundle6k camera drone| Autel EVO II Pro

Autel EVO II series drone cameras are interchangeable, EVO II Pro has a 6K camera with a larger sensor, a camera angle of view of 82°, an equivalent focal length of 28.6 mm, and an aperture adjustment range of f/2.8 - f/11.

The EVO II Pro has a 1-inch sensor that captures 20MP RGB images and 6k/30fps or 4k/60fps HD video.

Three-axis gimbal stabilization, support for 4x lossless zoom, multiple shooting modes, ISO maximum 6400, professional shooting incredible pictures.

Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 has two cameras: a 4/3CMOS Hasselblad sensor with 20MP resolution, and a secondary 1/2-inch CMOS (12MP) that acts as a digital zoom lens. Mavic 3 can support 2x lossless zoom.

The main camera has an 84-degree field of view, an equidistant 24mm lens, and an aperture range from f/2.8 to f/11. ISO settings range from 100 to 6400. Mavic 3 can shoot up to 5.1k/24fps and 4k/24fps dynamic video, three-axis mechanical gimbal stabilization.

Performance | EVO II Pro vs Mavic 3


Autel EVO II Pro DroneEVO II Pro Drone 40 min flight time and 5.5 Miles flight distance

The EVO II Pro drone has a 7100mAh battery and supports flight for up to 40 minutes. The EVO II series of drones can fly 9 kilometers at a speed of 45 miles per hour.

The Autel EVO II Pro features omnidirectional sensors, a total of 12 obstacle avoidance cameras (2 each for front, rear, left/right, top and bottom), and Dynamic Track 2.0 mode capable of continuously identifying and tracking objects up to 64 simultaneously an object and let the subject be himself.

The remote controller of EVO II Pro does not have a built-in display. Autel's smart remote has a built-in display, which needs to be used together with the Autel Explorer App. It has dual-band transmission and a maximum image transmission distance of 9 kilometers.

Mavic 3

DJI Mavic3DJI Mavic 3 Drone 40 min flight time and 5000mAh battery

The Mavic 3 is a high-quality drone with a 5000mAh battery that supports 46 minutes of flight. The maximum wind resistance is 26.8 mph, good flight performance.

The obstacle avoidance system of Mavic 3 is also excellent. It is also an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensor, and the drone can easily traverse complex terrain.

The Mavic 3's remote controller is a continuation of the Air 2S and other DJI drones, with a built-in display, dual-band transmission, and a maximum image transmission distance of 15 kilometers. The price of the Mavic 3 remote is slightly higher than the EVO 2 remote.


Autel EVO 2 pr 6k dron comes with 40min of flight time and 9km extended range

As we saw in our Autel Evo 2 Pro vs DJI Mavic 3 comparison, the DJI Mavic 3 has a very similar design to the Autel EVO 2 Pro. Both drones are compact and foldable, with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and support for expandable storage. Both drones can shoot 4K video and can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. The Autel EVO 2 Pro supports a maximum resolution of 5472x3076, and the DJI Mavic 3 supports a maximum resolution of 5120x2700.

DJI drones can't use their side sensors in any automatic mode, but the EVO 2 pro can detect and avoid objects that are about to hit sideways. The top speed of the Mavic 3 is lower than that of the EVO 2 Pro, and the flight time is greater than that of the EVO 2 Pro, but the EVO 2 Pro has a higher obstacle avoidance rating.

Autel EVO II series drones also have some smart modes, such as gesture control, smart tracking mode, etc. Choose the leading enterprise drone you need.