Autel EVO Nano VS Autel EVO Nano Plus

Autel EVO Nano VS Autel EVO Nano Plus: In-Depth Review

Autel Robotic has announced the release of the Autel EVO Nano series in September 2021 and the EVO Nano+ release date in January 2022, an excellent line of drones that can fit in the palm of the hand and weigh less than 250 grams.

A new player in the sub-250g drone space, the Autel EVO Nano series is the first drone to incorporate a three-way obstacle avoidance sensor in a drone body of less than 250g. Four colors are optional, no registration required, U.S. drones near you.

The EVO Nano series is the leader in small drones and is one of the best drones for drone enthusiasts and professional drone pilots alike. There are two main products in the Autel EVO Nano series: EVO Nano series and Evo Nano Plus series.

This article is about the internal comparison of the two products of the EVO Nano series, and will compare the EVO Nano and EVO Nano Plus in depth from various aspects.

Autel EVO Nano Series

Autel EVO Nano VS Evo Nano Plus: Similarities

The EVO Nano series is available in four different colors - Autel Orange, Arctic White, Blazing Red and Deep Space Grey.

EVO Nano series flight performance is consistent:
  • The maximum flight altitude is 800 meters
  • The flight time is 28 minutes
  • The maximum wind resistance level is 5
  • The maximum take-off altitude is 4 kilometers
  • Three flight modes: sport, normal, stable

The EVO Nano and EVO Nano Plus weigh 249g, and the propeller arms are the same size when unfolded and folded. EVO Nano and EVO Nano Plus also jointly support three-way obstacle avoidance, three-axis gimbal stability, and maximum 10 kilometers (6.2 Miles) image transmission. The EVO Nano series has no built-in storage, and the maximum expansion memory can be up to 256G.

EVO Nano series uses Autel Sky APP and Autel remote control for remote control and image transmission, and multi-band (2.4/5.8/5.2GHZ) transmission signals. When the distance is less than 1km, the image transmission quality is 2.7K/30fps. When the distance is greater than 1km, the image transmission quality is 720P/30fps, and the image transmission rate is 90Mbps. The Autel remote control does not have a built-in display. The Autel Sky APP and Autel remote are also compatible with the EVO Lite series.

Autel Sky APP Transmission

EVO Nano series accessories are consistent:

EVO Nano has EVO Nano Standard Bundle and EVO Nano Premium Bundle, and EVO Nano+ has EVO Nano+ Standard Bundle and EVO Nano+ Premium Bundle.

EVO Nano Standard Bundle & Premium Bundle

Standard Bundle includes EVO Nano, Flight Batteries, Battery Charger, Propeller, Remote Controller, Remote Controller Charger, Spare Screws, Screwdriver, RC Cables. In addition to the standard package accessories, the Premium Bundle package also has additional Propeller Holder, Battery Charging Hub, Shoulder Bag.

The EVO Nano series of accessories are interchangeable for both EVO Nano and EVO Nano+.

EVO Nano VS EVO Nano Plus: Differences

The only difference between the drone EVO Nano VS Evo Nano Plus comes from the camera.

Evo Nano Evo Nano Plus (+)
Sensor CMOS:1/2 inch;
Effective pixels:48M
Pixel size:1.6μm*1.6μm(Bin2)
CMOS:1/1.28 inch (0.8 inch)
Effective pixels:50MP
Pixel size: 2.44μm*2.44μm (Bin2)
Lens FOV:84°
Equivalent focal length:24mm Aperture:f/2.8
Focus range:1m ~ ∞
Focus mode: fixed focus
FOV: 85°
Equivalent focal length: 23mm
Aperture: f/1.9
Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞
Focus mode::PDAF+CDAF/MF
Photo resolution 48MP:8000×6000(4:3)

A wider aperture will be able to capture more light, and the EVO Nano+ features a 1/1.28-inch (0.8-inch) CMOS sensor and f/1.9 lens mounted on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal for 12.5- and 50-megapixel photos as well as 4K video up to 30 frames per second.

Equipped with a 1/2-inch (0.5-inch) CMOS sensor and f/2.8 lens mounted on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal, the EVO Nano+ captures 12- and 48-pixel photos and 4K video at up to 30 frames per second.

Both turn on HDR mode, and you can gather rich detail from the darkest shadows and the highest highlights from both.

The EVO Nano Plus can also track fast-moving subjects with a fast and highly accurate autofocus system. The EVO Nano shoots with a fixed focus.

The enhanced dynamic tracking capabilities of the EVO Nano+ allow the drone to automatically follow any person, animal or vehicle, so you can focus on the cinematic and creative aspects of flying the drone.

The Nano+ camera has an equivalent focal length of 23mm and a sensor pixel size of 2.44 μm, which together with the fast aperture and RYYB sensor provides excellent low-light shooting capabilities. The RYYB sensor design brings incredible noise reduction and works well in low light conditions.

EVO Nano VS EVO Nano Plus: The Battle For Price

In the Autelrobotic store, the EVO Nano series has always been a favorite drone for drone beginners and drone photography enthusiasts. EVO Nano is priced at $799, EVO NANO+ is priced at $899, EVO Nano+ is priced higher than EVO Nano due to the camera sensor, it is a worthwhile drone investment, EVO Nano+ alternative is DJI Mini3 Pro, EVO Nano+ vs DJI Mini3 Pro, they are a real contender.

Should you buy the Autel EVO Nano series?

EVO Nano Standard Bundle & Premium Bundle

In EVO Nano VS EVO Nano Plus, we clearly concluded that EVO Nano Plus is better than EVO Nano, for drone beginners, the main points of buying a drone are cost, features, user interface, graphics quality. The Autel EVO Nano Plus is definitely an easy-to-fly consumer drone under 250g.

The EVO Nano series is an excellent choice for beginners, an anti-collision drone in a mini drone, while offering professional cinematic 4k camera footage. The EVO Nano series competes with the DJI Mini series, and Autel is one of DJI's main competitors and the leader in consumer drones.