To Drone Beginners -- The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drones

To Drone Beginners -- The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drones

If you are interested in drones and are considering drones, take a look at this beginner's guide to drones, you will learn more about drones in detail, for every drone Help for beginners.

For drone beginners, you need to master a lot of knowledge about drones to start flying. High-performance drones provide simple and intelligent operations for drone beginners. If you don't already have a drone, it is recommended that you get one first.

What's Most Important For a Drone Beginner?

Have The Right Drone

Everything learns from practice. For beginner drones, the best way to master drone flying is to own a drone first. Considering a reasonable budget 4k drone, rather than a toy type drone, I recommend the Autel Nano Plus as a starter drone for drone beginners.

The drone budget for drone beginners is usually under $1000, and the drones under $1000 are usually 4k camera drones with obstacle avoidance, multiple flight modes, multiple photo modes, effective battery life , stable image transfer, and a RTH function.

Autel Nano+ Camera Drone

Fully Understand Drones And Controllers

The drone market has a large number of consumer drones, each brand of drone has different features and limitations, fully understand everything, familiarize yourself with your drone user manual, and check the drone's Operates in novice mode.

Most drone remotes do not come with a built-in display, and a good remote control will ensure your connection to the drone. Beginners of drones should be fully familiar with how to operate the drone remote control.

Autel Nano remote control connection

Follow Laws And Regulations When Flying Drones

Due to the drone's ability to fly in the air, if it is not controlled by laws and regulations, it is easy to form hidden dangers of flying in the air, causing damage to yourself or others. The US FAA has formulated safe flying guidelines and common sense safety tips for drones. You can never be flying overhead in the air.

# One Thing That Drone Beginners Are Easy To Overlook

In the US, if your drone weighs more than 0.55 lb (250 g), you must register with the FAA. The registration fee is $5. The drone registration is valid for three years. The applicant for registration of the drone must be at least 13 years old. The registration label must be visible on the outside of the drone and carry the registration prove when you go out to fly the drone.

If you want to save yourself the hassle of registering your drone, you can choose for a sub-250g drone. The Autel EVO Nano series drones weigh 249g and require no registration, making them ideal for drone beginners.

249g camera drone autel nano plus

Preparing To Test The Drone

Drone beginners are excited about flying a drone for the first time. Buy the Drone kit, an out-of-the-box option. The Autel EVO Nano Premium Bundle can bring us extra drone accessories, especially the Autel EVO Nano battery.

Preparing to fly the drone includes charging the battery, updating the firmware, downloading the controller app, debugging the drone, and more.

High-performance and sensitive drones also need to ensure a good GPS signal to take off your drone.

Fly Your Drone For The First Time

Everything is ready, including check the package list, start flying your drone, drone beginners can fly in the beginner mode of Autel Drone, this mode has a height limit of 30 meters, you can try flight training at will, guide the drone flight skills, and shoot into a film.

Smart and efficient, the Autel Drone is suitable for every drone beginner, making flying easy and rewarding.

fly camera drone evo nano+

Advice For Drone Beginners

  • Don't let your drone fly in bad weather. Including sea level, strong winds on mountains, rain and snow, and places with severe water vapor.
  • Flying a drone is dangerous. Take precautions for the personal safety and property safety of yourself and bystanders, and do not fly in crowded areas.
  • Keep an eye on your drone and stay connected. The drone will lose control under the interference of strong magnetic field effects, and there is a possibility of flying away. Always keep your sight on the drone and track the status of the drone.
  • Format the SD memory card. For drone beginners, most small drones do not have internal storage and need to install a memory card, so before you shoot with the drone, format the new memory card for better image storage.
  • The importance of landing pads. Prepare a nano drone landing pad to make the takeoff and landing of the nano drone traceable. The waterproof drone landing pad is drone-friendly and slows down the friction of the drone's landing legs.