Drone photography with EVO Nano+

Drone Photography Guide: Drones Beginners Travel with EVO Nano Plus Drone

Drone photography is already a very interesting thing, and countless pilots use drones to get beautiful drone photography photos and wonderful drone photography videos. Autel EVO Nano Plus is one of the representatives of professional 4k cameras, and the high-quality aerial images are also excellent. Let us learn the photography guide of EVO Nano Plus drone.

The drone EVO Nano Plus with built-in camera has a 28-minute flight time, and you can continuously practice your drone flying skills to get stunning drone videos.

Travel With Your EVO Nano Drone

EVO Nano Features

Autel EVO Nano Plus

  • The body weight is less than 249g, no registration required
  • Three-way obstacle avoidance function (front, rear, down)
  • 0.8 inch sensor 50MP
  • RYYB sensor soft night scene
  • PDAF+CDAF double focus function
  • 10 km 2.7k image transmission
  • 4k/30fps video
  • SkyPortrait Features
  • Four automatic shooting modes One-click sharing

Learn Drone Photography Skills

For drone beginners, the EVO Nano+ is a smart entry-level camera drone. But just flying the drone and getting weird drone photos that aren't clear?

Taking beautiful landscape photos with a camera drone is an art that can only be learned with time and testing. We will introduce you to some simple photography tips for drone beginners.

Photography Composition: Common principles of camera composition. Thirds composition, leading line extension, golden ratio, symmetrical composition, etc.

drone photographyMake the subject clear: Finding the central subject of drone photography. Weigh down the influence of other factors and take iconic aerial photos.

drone shoots

Drone Hover Angle: Take still photos of the drone, you can hover your drone at different heights. The closer the drone is to the subject, the more expressive the shot will be.

Take still photos of drone evonano+

Near-ground photography: When you need to capture some dynamic pictures, the drone can fly as close to the ground as possible, and you can get dynamic drone photography photos.

drone photo

Time-lapse photography: The time-lapse photography of Autel EVO Nano Plus can capture 4k/25fps high-definition video, and drone photography uses long exposures to bring stunning shooting effects, such as: flowing clouds in the sky, swaying trees or Especially stunning when the ocean is rough.

Utilize light: The right light is a huge advantage for drone photographers. The RYYB sensor of the EVO Nano Plus automatically adjusts the light entering the drone's camera, and shooting at specific times of the day can create fascinating and magical effects.

drone photography

Post-processing of photos: Professional drone photographers always reprocess their drone photos. Drone photography can rely on post-production to make it shine. Even if your drone photos lose color, or the footage is overexposed or too dark, you can adjust the details. Common image editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.