Right Drone for Beginners

How to Buy the Right Drone for Beginners - Buyer's Guide

Drones are developing rapidly, and consumer drones with new functions are constantly on the market. How to choose the right drone? How to buy a drone for drone beginners, here is a comprehensive guide to some drone factors to refer to.

When drone beginners buy their first drone, there are often many drone factors that affect their judgment. How to invest in your first drone, this article introduces the following points.

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Easy To Use

Buy finished drones, semi-finished drones may also need to be assembled or welded before they can be used. As cool as DIY your drone is, buying an RTF model (some devices may not be ready to fly) will be difficult for drone buyers and you most likely won't be able to learn a real drone under this model flight.

Return to Home Mode (RTH)

Beginners in drones are at high risk of losing your drone, so when buying your first drone, make sure the drone has a built-in GPS unit to ensure it can be safely secured in the event of a loss of communication Return from launch point. This is especially important when the drone is running low on battery power or when there is signal interference. It's crucial to look for models with automatic return home and low battery warnings. I can recommend Autel drones, DJI drones.

Camera Settings

Are you buying a drone for drone flying fun or for drone photography?

Some quadcopter devices do not have built-in cameras. If you want to experience aerial perspective, it is highly recommended that you consider buying a camera drone. And the camera quality of the camera drone is also important, higher resolution camera drones will get higher quality images and videos.

Drone with camera For beginner drones, it is better to choose 4k camera drone, you will get clear and smooth picture. Among entry-level camera drones, I recommend the Autel EVO Nano Plus. This is a 4k camera mini drone.

Of course, the resolution of the drone image is unknown. You can also shoot 720p SD video, 1080p smooth video, 6k HD video, and 8k HD video.


If the picture taken by the drone with the camera is to be smooth and stable, the stabilization effect of the gimbal is inseparable. More and more consumer drones have built-in three-axis gimbal to stabilize and balance drone images for shooting. The effect of the camera head is very large, and it is not comparable to ordinary electronic stabilizers or physical stabilizers.

Remote Control

Most quadcopter devices come with a controller that contains two joysticks. Control the angle while controlling the speed. The drone remote control is well-designed, comfortable in hand, and has a stable connection with the drone. Leading drone remotes will have built-in displays. Autel EVO II series drones can be equipped with Autel smart remote control, you will see everything in the remote control screen.

Wing Protection

Regular maintenance of our drone will increase the life of the drone, the wings of the drone are relatively fragile, you can use the drone propeller guard to protect your drone wing. In Autel drones, EVO II drone propeller guards are only suitable for EVO II series drones, not compatible with EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series.

Fall Protection

When you're out shooting with your drone, have a landing pad for your drone. The Autel EVO Nano Landing Pad is specially prepared for the EVO Nano series, the drone landing pad will enable the drone to land smoothly on grass or uneven places, reducing the risk of the drone falling.

Drone Obstacle Avoidance

It is an obvious requirement that the drone equipped with obstacle avoidance function is one of the elements that every drone beginner should consider. The drone's obstacle avoidance sensor will help the drone fly better and reduce the risk of drone crash.

Battery Life

The battery life of a toy drone is about 10 minutes, and the battery life of a mid-to-high-end drone is 20-30 minutes. It's a good idea to buy drone battery accessories so you can continue your flight at any time when the battery is running low.

Drone battery charging can use a data cable to connect the drone, or use a battery multi-charging hub to charge the drone battery. The Autel Multi-Charge Hub can charge several batteries at the same time without the hassle. Autel EVO II Multi-Charge Hub only works with Autel EVO II batteries, not compatible with EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series.

Maximum Transmission Range

Have you ever imagined how far your drone can fly?

Most budget-friendly drones have a maximum transmission range of 100 feet or less. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires drones to remain within line of sight. When we want to use a drone to replace us to look further away, we can consider the maximum transmission range of the drone. The Autel EVO Nano has a transmission range of up to 12 km, making it the ideal low-budget long-range drone option.

Wind Resistance

Knowing the maximum wind resistance of your drone is important if you plan to fly in windy conditions. Autel EVO Nano series drones are designed with a wind resistance rating of 5, so you can take your drone out in breezy weather.

Support for First Person View (FPV)

FPV drones focus on the experience of flying speed. These drones are very fast, also known as racing drones. When using these drones, you can wear VR goggles and you will feel like you are there Everything flies.