Drone Timelapse Autel Sky App Guide

Drone Timelapse Video Tutorial: Autel EVO Nano & Lite Series

Autel EVO Nano & Lite Series is the leader in consumer camera drones, Autel EVO Nano series supports 4k/30fps HD video capture, Autel EVO Lite supports 4k/60fps HD video capture, Autel EVO Lite Plus supports 6k/30fps HD video capture Video shooting, EVO Nano & Lite Series jointly use the autel sky app to control the drone.

This article will introduce in detail how to use the atel sky application tutorial to shoot time-lapse video.

Autel Sky App Tutorial: Time-lapse Photography

First, find the atel sky app in the mobile app store or the official website to download.

When taking time-lapse shots, drone users find Hyper-Lapse in Shooting Mode.

When starting manual time-lapse adjustment, you can set parameters such as white balance, shutter speed, ISO, etc. to stabilize the color, exposure, etc. of the video image.

When you select the settings of super time-lapse photos, you can perform processing operations such as picture resolution, picture interval length, duration, and the maximum number of photos taken.

After the above setting steps are completed, the drone user can see the time and number of shots of the hyper-lapse video for further confirmation.

Tap the recording icon on the screen of the Autel Sky App to take off your drone, and the drone will complete the drone hyper-time-lapse shooting as pre-set.

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What Is Time-Lapse Photography?

Time-lapse photography is a technique in which the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than the frequency used to view the sequence. Most drones with cameras also support time-lapse photography.

What Is A Good Time-Lapse Speed?

For drone shots in sunlight, the best time-lapse interval is generally 2-3 seconds.

What Is A Good Delay Setting?

A good standard shutter speed for time-lapse photography is twice the frame rate. (For example, if you're shooting at 25 fps, your shutter speed should be 1/50)

How Many Photos Are Needed For Time-Lapse Photography?

Simple formula: number of photos / 30 = duration of the final video clip.

Application Scenarios Of Drone Time-Lapse Photography

The scene of drone time-lapse photography looks like stepping back in time, and is commonly used to photograph plant growth, flowing clouds, northern lights, star trails, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and more. Bring your EVO drone and start shooting outdoors. The time-lapse photography of the drone will take you to a different world.