Charge EVO II Battery

How To Charge The EVO II Series Drone Battery?

Autel EVO II series drones use Autel intelligent flight battery, the high-performance lithium polymer battery capacity can reach 7100mAh, which can be used continuously for 40 minutes. So, do you know how to properly charge EVO II series batteries?

This article will show a video and text guide for proper charging of the Autel EVO II Intelligent Flight Battery.

First of all, drone users need to be clear: the Autel EVO II Intelligent Flight Battery can only be charged using the designated EVO 2 charger, do not charge the battery unattended, and do not charge the battery if it overheats , keep away from flammable and explosive materials when charging.

How To Charge The Autel EVO II Intelligent Flight Battery?

Method 1: Use a Standard Charger To Charge

Standard Charger Charging the evo ii battery

  • Remove the drone battery
  • Connect the charger
  • EVO II battery light blinking
  • EVO II battery indicator stops flashing and charging is complete

Method 2: Use a Charging Hub To Charge

Charging Hub Charging the evo ii battery

  • Plug a section of the charging hub into an electrical outlet
  • Press the top button of the charging hub to get to work
  • Lights up blue for parallel charging
  • Connect evo ii batteries, up to four batteries can be connected
  • The charging hub will charge in sequence
  • Charge the battery with the lowest remaining charge first
  • Then charge the next battery
  • When all batteries are charged
  • The charging hub light is green.