EVO Lite+ Drones

      EVO Lite+ Drone

      Foldable 6k drone designed with smart moonlight algorithm and RYYB color, 1-inch sensor, can take 20MP photos and 6k/30fps video.

      Autel EVO Lite Plus


      Received the 2022 Red Dot Supreme Award

      Powerful night camera

      When shooting night scenes, the intelligent moonlight algorithm and RYYB color design array will capture clearer and softer images while reducing noise.

      150° Three-way obstacle

      The EVO Lite Plus drone supports three-way obstacle avoidance, with a maximum range of 150-degree detection, and automatically hovers when encountering obstacles.

      Dynamic Tracking 2.1

      The drone will lock to the center of the screen to follow and shoot, becoming your personal paparazzi.

      Defogging Mode

      One-click clear picture, you can shoot shocking pictures in scenes with high water vapor.

      Adjustable aperture f/2.8-f/11 evo lite+

      Adjustable aperture

      The Autel EVO Lite+ drone supports adjustable aperture size, which means you will be able to change the camera exposure and depth of field yourself to create unique photos.

      Powerful Shot evo lite+

      Powerful Shot

      The Autel EVO Lite+ drone supports a variety of shooting modes, as well as a movie mode. The powerful photography function is the charm of this 6k camera drone.

      Powerful image transfer evo lite+

      Powerful image transfer

      Autel EVO Lite+ drone supports long-distance image transmission of 12km, multi-frequency signals can ensure stable transmission, and can also switch video fluency.

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